Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Health, Healing & Spiritual Teachings


Boulders of Life 'Health & Awareness'

The Journey of Healing -  Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually...

• Discover the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and physical condition

• Learn the foundation of releasing stress in a positive healing manner 

• Learn how to realize if you're in a 'Trauma' Vortex or a 'Healing' Vortex, why it's vital for you to understand this difference, and how to shift into a 'Healing' Vortex from a 'Trauma Vortex'

• Understanding what a 'Collective Trauma Vortex is and what a 'Collective Healing Vortex is

What Heath is and What it is Not  

• Understand the differences between allopathic (M.D.) medicine, naturopathy (Natural Medicine), functional medicine and energy medicine, and how understanding the differences affect not only your health, but your life and that of your loved ones

Understanding Your Body's Energy Systems

• Discover your body's energy systems and how you can quickly and easily work with them, assisting your body to get what it wants... to be free of anxiety and pain!

• Enjoy the innate power of restoring health and vitality 

Understanding that the root of all conflict is trapped/stagnate energy from unresolved trauma

• Discover tools that you can do yourself to assist in releasing this stored energy to allow authentic healing to transpire

Breathing Techniques to Help Restore Health, Coherence and Harmony

• Learn about how the Vagus Nerve, Sympathetic and Para-sympathetic nervous systems effects you and how to get unstuck

• Discover why who gets sick and who does not is NOT random

• Gain deeper understanding about the consequences of loss of connection from 'Self' and adaptation, i.e. pain, sickness, suffering. 

Discover how disease is not an accident nor is it just a genetic condition

Healthy Weight Loss & Balance

What is Your Body Type? 

• Discover the transformational impact of your personal body type on

  your eating, proper weight management and wellness

• Learn how you haven't failed on diets..They've failed you! 

• Learn what your Body Type is and how to work with it, instead of against it 

Your Body Type and Your Relationship with Your Partner

• Discover how understanding the Body Type of you and your partner can enhance and/or heal the relationship

Listening to Your Body 

• Understanding and allowing innate healing from within

The vital Importance of Proper pH

• Understanding the Alkalinity & Acidity of the food and water you

  consume and it's relationship to your weight and overall health 

Invisible Enemy  

• Learn how EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields) in your home and 

environment can be a root of health problems and allergic-like reactions. Learn how to read EMF's and how to safely reduce you and your family's exposure

Is There Something Holding You Back?

• Enjoy the journey to locating and releasing energetic blocks

• Travel deeper on the journey to True-Being, Inner peace & your life's higher purpose

Restoring Health & Inner Peace, additional topics addressed: 

• Know exactly what food is and what it is not, and how it can heal or harm you

• Understanding label content on what you & your family eat and drink 

• Inflammation, what causes it and associated pain

• Know what's in the water your drink, it could be poisoning you

• Whole food nutrition supplements vs potentially poisonous

   synthetic supplements. Learn how to know the difference

• Deepen your understanding on sleep disturbance, digestion & bowel issues, low energy and stamina, immune system, heart health, proper breathing, autism, attention disturbance

• and more!

Scheduling of private consultations and healing sessions available upon request and scheduling availability.(*)

• In-person private consultation/mentoring and energetic healing

  sessions are available to assist you in your journey

• For those who have previously attended this retreat, phone/

  skype sessions are available to assist you on your continued journey


Boulders of Life 'Stepping into True-Being'

The Journey of Healing Heart & Spirit - Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually...

• Deepen your understanding about the connection between your thoughts, emotions, physical condition. Explore the symptoms of closing of the heart, the consequences, and how to restore the connection to regain wholeness 

The journey of emotional freedom, peace of mind and peace

• Gain/deepen understanding about the connection between trauma and health issues

• Gain/deepen your understanding of how physiological issues must be addressed for true healing to transpire

• Gain/deepen insight into response systems and filters that are based upon past trauma and how to heal

What the cause of something 'not feeling right' in our lives is

• Discover the roots of what makes us feel, when we do, that something is not right in our lives

• Learn what the root cause of wanting to escape/run or deny is, and how to gain Inner Peace and move forward in coherence

Who are you NOT?

• Discovering who we are not, helps guide us to who we are

• Identify what the false-self/mask is and what its symptoms are

• Discover True-Being and what it feels like

• Understand ego, what its symptoms are, what its mission is, how it deceives us and how to gain control of our life again

How to find 'You"

• The journey to 'True-Being'

 What is consciousness and what it is not?

• Gain deeper understanding of the importance of truly understanding what consciousness is

• Understanding the symptoms of a predominately unconscious state 

• Learn how to grow/expand consciousness

• Discover the relationship of consciousness or the lack of, with disease

Understanding Your Story 

• Understanding and accepting that 'Your story' is NOT who you are

• Overcome your past or past conditioning defining you

• Learn or broaden your understanding of what the Pain Body is, what is Ego State, and what to do to gain freedom from them

Understanding Energy - (Frequencies)

• Deepen understanding that everything is frequency/energy and why understanding that this is the 'root' to healing on all levels

• Deeply understanding that you are a spiritual being in a physical body, not the other way around

• Discover how the different energy influences (people & things) in your life affect you and your life

• Understanding 'triggers' and transcending them

Transcending Fear

• Explore the root of fear

• Gain deeper understanding how & where your body feels fear

• Understand how and when fear paralyzes 

• Understand & then transcend fear

How to stop the constant 'brain chatter' in the head?

• Discover what brain chatter is, what causes it and how to transcend it

• What causes and how to stop the addiction of negative thoughts

Releasing Energetic Blocks & Understanding Fragmentation 

• Understanding what energetic blocks are and what they cause

• Learn how to release stagnate energy and restore balance

 • Deepen your understanding of the importance of 'movement/flow' of energy within your body

Transcending Restrictive Barriers

• Clearly identifying restrictive barriers and their roots

• Learn how to 'Transcend' restrictive barriers, courageously

Awakening your innate gifts

• Discover the vital importance of awakening your gifts and understand that it's never too late!

• Freeing your 'True-Being' and gaining Freedom

Stepping Into True- Being, additional topics addressed:

• Afraid to 'feel' again / Re-opening the Heart

• A new perception

• Stepping into freedom

• The power of Intention

• A deeper look into co-dependency

• A deeper look into anxiety

• A deeper look into addiction

• Understanding power vs force

• A deeper look into denial

Scheduling of private consultations and healing sessions available upon request and scheduling availability.(*)

• In-person private consultation/mentoring and energetic healing

 sessions are available to assist you in your journey.

• For those who have previously attended this retreat, phone/

 skype sessions are available to assist you on your continued journey.

Health, Healing & Spiritual Teachings


Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-dots'

Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dots' teachings and events were created for all women who currently are in, or who in the past have lived/survived, in a toxic/abusive  environment/relationship, and for those who lived in a difficult/toxic environment during their childhood.

The Connecting-the-Dots teachings provides significant in-depth insight on multiple levels that are necessary to understand in order to answer questions such as: 

Q: How did my relationship/marriage become this?

Q: What happened to me and to my life? 

Q: Why do I allow myself to be treated this way?

Q: Why do I seem to always draw toxic/abusive relationships

     to myself? 

Q: What's wrong with me, I shouldn't feel this bad?

Q: Am I crazy or are they? 

Q: When did I become lost in my own life?

Q: Why do I keep repeating the same thing over and over?

Q: I feel fear and like I'm walking on egg-shells, what

    can I do?

Q: I feel paralyzed in my own life, is there an answer?

This event, (speaking engagement, seminar or retreat) is a life-transformational experience. It brings you on a journey of "Discovery, Understanding, Awakening, Finding True-Being, Healing, Transitioning, and the Insight and Understanding that living a life of genuine happiness and fulfillment, being no longer in fear, is possible.

The in-depth insight and understanding about this journey are taught from a place of awareness, understanding and of significant personal experience by your event teacher/guide, Kathleen McGowan.

Topics addressed in this retreat include, but are not limited to:

• Discovering what's wrong

• Understanding fear and freeing yourself from it

• Understanding the 'why's' 

• Understanding always looking for something

• Understanding needing to always be busy

• Understanding the compulsion to 'dig in the dirt'

• Understanding why the need for 'heavy' bed covering

• Understanding mind-chatter and fear

• Why trying to make it right doesn't work in dealing with a narcissist

• Disassociation

• Narcissism (Overt & Covert) - How to recognize it, how it can nearly destroy you and your life, safely dealing with it, and how to heal after having it in your life. (In-depth discussion and learned skills to heal) 

• Understanding the 'crazy' feeling when having a narcissist in your life

• Understanding the Two kinds of Power - Reality Mentality I & II 

• Understanding that Body-Type makes a difference

• The journey of looking for, finding and freeing 'your Inner-child within' 

   and why it's vital to do so

• Deeply understanding the 'Mask'

• Deeply understanding Boundaries

• Deepen your understanding of co-dependency

• Understanding the body, mind, spirit connection & illness

• Where have I disappeared to and how can I find myself

• Knowing who you are NOT and who you ARE

• Discovering & Understanding the Pain Body

• Being rooted in 'True-Being"

• Becoming free from your past and your 'story'

• Living freely as your 'True-Self/Being'

• Awakening your innate gifts

The journey of emotional freedom and peace of mind

• Gain deeper understanding about the connection between trauma and health issues

• Gain deeper understanding of how physiological issues must be addressed for true healing to transpire

• Deepen your insight into response systems and filters, based upon past trauma, and how to heal


• Experience transformational Individual and group activities that will

assist you on your journey.

Scheduling of private consultations and healing sessions available upon request and scheduling availability.

• In-person private consultation/mentoring and energetic healing

sessions are available to assist you in your journey.

• For those who have previously attended this retreat, phone/

skype sessions are available to assist you on your continued journey.


Retreat exclusivity:

• Due to the sensitive nature of topics in Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dots' teachings, this event is exclusively for Women. 

• Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dot's event, exclusively for Men is scheduled upon request.

We thank you for understanding that we make every provision possible in assuring that your event transformational experience is all that it can and should be, and that your privacy is respected.