Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

About The Events...


Boulders of Life events are inspirational, experiential and transformational and were created to share with those who attend a deepened insight and understanding of their journey in life, and to initiate and/or advance healing and restoration on all levels... Physically/health, Mentally/thoughts and Emotionally/feelings... your energy field.

On the journey of expansion of enlightenment and healing, the events address, at a level of depth that allows for break-through and transformation, the body, mind and spirit and their innate connection. This is a vital component for authentic healing and sustained health to transpire. 

Healing of the body, the mind and of the spirit can transpire only from within... never through external sources. We can search externally for the rest of our lives in hope of the so-called next best thing, place or person; run from suffering, look to find inner peace and personal happiness... however, external replacement in an attempt to fill a void within us can work only for short periods of time, if at all. 

The perceived filling of this type of void via external means, (people, places or things) can never be self-sustaining. More suffering and a continued 'repetitive' cycle of the same 'story' in one's life will continue to reoccur until such time the person takes the journey deep within and gains an understanding at the foundational level the cause and effect of this cycle.

Learning what this void and cycle actually are and then learning how to heal it, is among one of the many teachings that participants of Boulders of Life events will receive during their experience.

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Boulders of Life Founder

Kathleen S. McGowan

D.D.,C.M.A.,C.N.C.,R.M., N.A.M.W. 

Kathleen is a gifted inspirational speaker & educator who delivers both motivation and inspiration from the depths of her heart to her audiences and clients. The messages that flow from her are genuine and truly transformational!

The depth of Kathleen's insight and teachings as a health and nutrition mentor, healer and spiritual teacher comes from spending more than 35 years specializing in nutrition, natural medicine, energetic and spiritual healing. In addition to her extensive professional experience, the transformational insight she shares with others comes from a place of personal experience in her own life's journey and her continued spiritual growth that reaches over decades. 

Kathleen is known for her deep faith, kindness, compassion, empathy and for her health and spiritual teachings/facilitation. Her profound yet simple/ straightforward style of inspirational communication has already helped countless people throughout the world find health, healing, balance, inner peace and realization of their higher-self. 

Kathleen's touch on people's lives encompassing health, healthy weight loss/management and one's nutritional needs are centered around identifying areas of stagnate/blocked energy in the body, understanding them, and then teaching methods of release; which is one of the instrumental steps for allowing healing to transpire that Kathleen teaches.

In the journey of healing the body, mind and spirit, Kathleen teaches that expansion of consciousness and continued spiritual awakening/growth is necessary in order to obtain and sustain vibrant health, happiness, inner peace, and in discovering one's True-Self/Being and higher purpose.

Kathleen is an advocate for freedom from abuse, (human & animal); healing from the aftermath of abuse, and awareness of the worldwide human-trafficking epidemic of monumental tragedy. Her special calling and passion is in helping those who currently are existing in non-healthy/toxic/abusive (verbally and/or physical) environments, and for those who have already found a way to have removed themselves from such environments, yet continue to experience the aftermath, cyclical damaging effects and behaviors that are created when having lived/survived through such controlling, life/energy-robbing experiences, particularly when such is caused by (currently having or have had) a person(s) with a narcissistic personality in their life.

In deeply and personally understanding the dynamics and effects... physically, mentally and emotionally, that take hold within a person, and their life when having survived the toxic life-robbing drama that transpires when being the target of narcissistic abuse, Kathleen was led in her heart to create this series of teachings, and specifically the 'Boulders of Life' 'Connecting-the-Dots' (CTD) teaching. This teaching is for those who continue to search for a greater understanding to the 'whys' to such abuse, those who are in need of healing, and for those who desire to create a new happy and fulfilling life for themselves..... a life where they no longer define themselves by their past and past conditioning. 

The (CTD)  training event is about HOPE... for when you've been the target of narcissistic abuse, regaining HOPE of you having a healed self and a healed life is essential to you creating a new healthy, happy and fulfilled life. It must first be understood that healing from this life's trauma is actually possible! This path of healing is personally known by the creator of Boulders of Life, Founder, Kathleen McGowan.

In continuing on her life's purpose and path of helping others, having over thirty-five years of experience in the medical, natural medicine, nutrition and energy healing fields, Kathleen also created of the 'Boulders of Life' 'Health & Awareness' teachings. This teaching focuses the tangible components of what is needed to be done in our daily lives from a health and nutrition standpoint. This teaching is a stand-alone event, however, it is an ideal foundation for attending the 'Boulders of Life'  'Stepping Into True-Being' events. 

The 'Boulders of Life' 'Stepping Into True-Being' teachings were created by Kathleen, based upon her many years of professional experience in assisting a countless number of people over the years; learned knowledge, as well as her own personal experience. Kathleen understands at a deep level how the Body, Mind and Spirit are directly connected, and why understanding this connection is essential for having, and maintaining good health. Kathleen understands at a very deep level that until a person takes the journey to transcend the necessary restrictive barriers that are holding them from Stepping Into their True-Being, that it is next to impossible to have true peace and freedom of mind, body and spirit, and to live to one's heightened potential.

Kathleen has spent considerable time over the years in Europe and in her studies in energy healing. She combines both her innate and learned knowledge and experience together with many of her teachings learned in Europe to assist others in their healing. She has traveled extensively speaking and training, as well as in her capacity as health advisor. In addition to live audience speaking engagements, Kathleen has been a featured television and radio-talk-show educator on health, nutrition and environmental issues, both domestically and abroad. She is a health & wellness mentor, healer and spiritual teacher whose foundation is solidly grounded in faith, genuine caring and love. 

Kathleen's desire and intention is to allow the light to shine through her as to heal, expand consciousness/love, and to help end suffering of humans and animals, globally.



The insight and teachings that participant's acquire during their Boulders of Life events is profound, yet presented in the simplistic teaching style that health and spiritual teacher Kathleen McGowan is known for. The teachings encompass the areas Health, (physical & emotional), Spiritual Awakening/growth and Connecting-the-Dots... understanding the after-effects of and healing from having existed in a toxic/abusive relationship.   

While on their journey of healing and inner peace retreat participants will travel and gain deep insight by heightened discovery, understanding and awakening in relationship to Physical body/health, Mentally/thoughts and Emotionally/feelings... one's energy field.

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WhO the Events ARE For

1) Boulders of Life 'Health and Awareness events are for all those who genuinely want to learn what to do for themselves and their families in order to have good health. The trainings are for individuals who have come to understand that there is no-one better than themself to have the knowledge for what is going on with their body and health, and who are ready to accept the fact that the only way to have and maintain good health for themselves and family is to take responsibility for doing so. 

This event's teaching cover not only the basics of nutrition, i.e. understanding how to read labels of what you eat and drink, whole-food nutritional supplements vs potentially poisonous synthetic vitamin supplementation, the importance of the quality of water you drink and of its alkalinity or acidity; this event also provides information that a person must understand in order to 'work with their body, instead of against it', particularly in regards to once and for all understanding the reasons and dynamics to the yo-yo of dieting cycle; enzyme deficiencies, low energy, excessive chatter in the brain, body type and much more.

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*This event is offered to: Women, Men, Couples, Groups, Parents, Organizations and Businesses.

Note: Women exclusive events are available upon request.

2) Boulders of Life 'Stepping into True-Being' events are for all those who are intuitively being led to attend this transformational event. The event's teachings are for those who feel a deep inner calling guiding them with an innate knowledge that the time is 'now' in their life to journey deeper inside themselves and gain greater understanding and clarity about who they are, who they are not.... their life journey and their higher purpose.

This teaching is for those that have come to the point in their life journey that they genuinely desire to gain insight to the root cause of suffering and to learn how to heal their body, mind and spirit, as to gain freedom from the suffering and to live enriched and joy filled lives.

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*This event is offered to: Women, Men, Couples, Groups, Parents, Organizations and Businesses.

Note: Women exclusive events are available upon request.

3) Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dots' events were created for all women who currently are in or who in the past have lived/survived in a toxic/abusive  environment/relationship and for those who lived in a toxic environment during their childhood.

This teaching provides significant in-depth insight on multiple levels that are necessary to understand in order to answer questions such as: Q: What happened to me and to my life? 

Q: Why do I allow/have allowed myself to be treated this way? 

Q: Why do I seem to always draw toxic/abusive relationships/people to myself? 

Q: Am I crazy or are they? 

Q: Is my life always going to be like this? 

Q: Is there such a thing as having a life not being afraid and walking on egg-shells?

The teachings in this life-changing event, help participants gain insight that is needed in order to understand the dynamics and effects which transpire within a person and in their life from being in or having been in such environments, and/or relationships. 

This event is  for those who continue to search for answers to the 'whys', for those who are in need of healing, and for those who desire to create a new fulfilling life for themselves, a life where they no longer define themselves by their past. 

Boulders of Life 'Connecting-The-Dots' Event truly is a life-transformational event that brings you on a journey of 'Discovery, Understanding, Awakening, Finding true-being, Transcending restrictive barriers, Healing, Transitioning, and Living a life of genuine happiness and fulfillment'... no longer in fear and suffering.

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Retreat exclusivity:

Due to the sensitive nature of topics in Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dots' teachings, this event is exclusively for Women. 

Boulders of Life 'Connecting-the-Dot's event, exclusively for Men is scheduled upon request.

We thank you for understanding that we make every provision possible in assuring that your event transformational experience is all that it can and should be, and that your privacy is respected.

~ Boulders of Life Flexible Event Location Option ~


we'll travel to you!

Retreat & Seminar Location Of Your Choice...  Boulders of Life is about helping people... in saying this, we want to do everything we possibly can to help share the life transforming information and experience gained through our events with all those who desire a greater depth of understanding, healing, freedom, and who desire becoming unstuck and move forward in life! 

It is for this reason that Boulders of Life is flexible and can come to your area upon request!

We call this Boulders of Life 'Flexible Event Location' Option.

How it works... It's Simple!

Boulders of Life 'Flexible Event Location'... how it works:

 -First... by sharing with others (family, friends, co-workers, groups, organizations, etc.) about the Health & Awareness, Stepping Into True-Being, and Connecting-the-Dots seminars and retreats, discover who desires, as you do, to attend a Boulders of Life event in your area!

-Second... when you know of others in your area who wish to attend one of our seminars, or who desire to attend one, two or all three Boulder of Life retreats, simply call us at +1 (480) 599-7396 or email us at ReachUs@BouldersofLife.com

- Third... We will then contact you and collaborate on getting a Boulder of Life retreat, seminar or speaking engagement scheduled in your area!  It's that simple!...