Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~Speaking~Retreats~Workshops~Mentoring ~Inspirational & Healing~

Body Type - Part 1

Have you struggled with yo-yo weight gain and loss? 

Knowing and understanding your Body Type is the 'Missing Link' to working with your body, instead of against it!

Body Type - Part 2

What is your Body Type?

Determine what your Body Type is by listening to this video and seeing which category of Body Type best describes your body? 

Visit my Blog again soon for Body Type - Part 3, where I'll be describing in further detail the characteristics of the different Body Types.

Vitamins...Whole-Food vs Synthetic - Part 1

Could your Vitamins be poisoning you?

Understanding the reality of what you're putting into your body is not only important to your health,  it's vital to your life!

Vitamins...Whole-Food vs Synthetic - Part 2


Could your vitamins be poisoning you? 

Knowing if the vitamin supplements you take are working for or against you, is vital not only to you and your family's health, but  to your lives!  

To find out what the vitamins you're putting into your body are made from, please reference the Vitamin Reference List residing in my Blog titled... WHAT TRACK WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Are You Listening To Your Body?

Are you Listening to your Body?

Listening to your body is very different than listening to 'mind-chatter'!

If you don't listen to what your body keeps trying to tell you... one day, your body may not listen to you!

Please visit my Blog again soon to learn more about the difference between listening to your Body vs listening to compulsive Mind-chatter!


Let's talk about weight issues due to trauma

Podcast with Kathleen S. McGowan and Reiki Master Rod Lyman.


~ACHIEVE, Conversations with Top Achievers~

Kathleen S. McGowan, Contributing Author with #1 New York Times Best-Seller Author Jack Canfield.



Kathleen S. McGowan, Contributing Author with #1 New York Times Best-Seller Timothy Ferriss.