A Journey of Awareness, Understanding, Healing, Inner Peace & Health

A Journey of Awareness, Understanding, Healing, Inner Peace & Health

We are all on a journey meant to awaken us to consciousness, our True-Being.

Here is where authentic understanding and healing exists.


We are all on a journey meant to awaken us to consciousness, our True-Being.

Here is where authentic understanding and healing exists.

Boulder of Life Retreats

Boulders of Life Retreats are for all those who are intuitively being called to gain a higher understanding of themselves... their health, life, relationships, True-Being, and  journey in life. 

The retreats provide depth of insight and clarity, helping participants discover answers to the unanswered 'whys' that people have in regards to themselves, their relationships and lives. 

The knowledge shared during the retreats helps people understand at the foundational (root) level; what causes 'chatter' in the mind, why it's there and how to quiet it, what causes suffering, why it's there and how to find inner peace and guidance, how to turn their lives around if they desire to and find balance. and how to experience greater joy and fulfillment in their lives... all which are necessary to bring about authentic healing, health and happiness.

The innate mechanisms that develop within us through the process of life that we believe will guide and protect us, when in actuality only lead us into prolonged suffering if these mechanisms are not understood and addressed at their root level. If we choose to truly be and feel authentic, free from the invisible chains, the bound-up stagnate energy which constricts us, causing  incoherence, then it is essential that we understand the why and how these mechanisms lead us down rabbit-holes again and again; causing us to experience a life that doesn't feel like it's even our own, and definitely doesn't look like what we had dreamt our life would look like.

To be able to understand the mechanisms, (the roots) of what is causing something within us and in our external world to be how it is.... we must first have the light of awareness/consciousness shine on it. This process of awareness/consciousness is necessary in order for our True-Being to emerge and to begin the journey of authentic healing and restored health.

Boulders of Life Retreats are about ... Understanding, Awakening, Transcending restrictive barriers, Healing & Transformation. The teachings provide deep insight and clarity that help participants end the repetitive cycle of having a 'run-away' life or a life that they 'feel trapped' in. The teachings reveal why this cycle, emotions, and health problems exist, and allows for discovery of what is needed to heal what's causing the 'something-is-missing' feeling  deep inside of us and in our lives. 

The core of Boulders Of Life Retreat teachings lies in awakening/expansion of consciousness and understanding what causes the disruption of consciousness; understanding how the body holds trauma, personal and collective, and how understanding how to listen to your body, and know how to release this trapped energy daily, is a vital factor in achieving inner peace and the successful integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. 

"As magnificent as boulders can be, each being a unique wonder, their beauty formed through the trials of life; some need to be recognized, some need to be moved, some need to be transcended... as to allow you to recognize the True state of Your Being". 

We welcome you to Boulders of Life Retreats!

Always, in peace, grace & gratitude.

Kathleen S. McGowan

Boulders of Life Founder 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking EngagementS with Kathleen S. McGowan

Reaching out for your complimentary Speaking Engagement Inquiry is the first step towards learning more about booking an Inspirational, Transformational and Illuminating Training/Speaking Engagement for your event/seminar/function/meeting/, with Boulders of Life Founder, Kathleen McGowan.

Kathleen's Training/Speaking topics encompass the areas of: HEALTH & WELLNESS, STEPPING INTO TRUE-BEING and CONNECTING-THE DOTS, (please refer to the 'Training' section in this site's navigation bar). 

All areas of Kathleen's illuminating speaking provide deepened insight and clarity. 

For those who genuinely desire to gain insight to the root cause of suffering; discover how to heal their body-mind and spirit, as to gain freedom from the mental and physical discomfort/torment that having stuck/stagnate energy creates.... and who desire to live enriched, joy-filled lives, both personally and professionally... there's no better time than now to contact us to schedule your complimentary Speaking Engagement Request questionnaire.


The Retreats

Retreat Overview


Boulders of Life Retreats are inspirational, experiential and transformational retreats that were created to share with those who attend a deepened insight and understanding of their journey in life; to initiate and/or advance healing and restoration on all levels... Physically/health, Mentally/thoughts and Emotionally/feelings... your energy field.

Participants will find that the retreats, be it the 'Health & Wellness', 'Stepping into True-Being' or 'Connecting-the-Dots', all provide in-depth insight and knowledge, and most importantly provide the in-depthunderstanding and tools needed for actual life transformation and healing.

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Health & Spiritual Facilitator


Kathleen S. McGowan


The depth of Kathleen's insight and teachings as a health & wellness mentor, healer and spiritual teacher comes from spending more than 35 years specializing in nutrition, natural medicine, energetic and spiritual healing. In addition to her extensive professional experience, the transformational insight she shares with others is derived from a place of personal experience in her own life journey, and from her continued spiritual growth that reaches over decades. 

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Magnificent Retreat Location


Arizona's Triangle-T Historic Guest Ranch & Retreat Center is home to Boulders of Life Retreat

Set amid the magnificent huge boulder formations and healing vortexes in the heart of Cochise county, this property is the ideal location for the journey of deepened insight, understanding, healing and transformation to occur.

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Retreat Teachings


The insight and teachings that participant's receive during their stay at Boulders of Life Retreat are profound, yet presented in the simplistic teaching style that health and spiritual teacher Kathleen McGowan is known for. The teachings encompass the areas of health and wellness; physically/health, mentally/thoughts and emotionally/feelings... expansion of consciousness/spiritual awakening/growth, healing from suffering, and gaining inner peace. 

While on their journey of healing and greater inner peace, retreat participants will gain deeper insight through heightened discovery, understanding, awakening, and transcending of restrictive barriers.

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Who THE RetreatS ARE For


Boulders of Life Retreats are for all women, men, couples, groups, organizations and businesses who are intuitively being led to attend these unique retreats of transformation.

These retreats are for those who feel a deep inner calling guiding them with an innate knowledge that the time is 'now' in their journey of life to search deeper inside themselves and gain greater understanding and clarity about who they are, who they are not.... their life journey and their higher purpose.

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Retreat Highlights


Experience inspiring and transformative teachings, discussions and experiential activities with your retreat health and spiritual teacher, Kathleen McGowan.

Gain a deepened insight and understanding of the areas that cause blocks and fragmentation within, and learn how to release those blocks, restoring balance and harmony within, thus allowing for such 'reflection' in your external world to transpire.

Awaken your innate gifts, understanding that the integration of those gifts into your life bring deeper understanding of your True-Being, and of your higher purpose.

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Location Highlights & Uniqueness


The Triangle-T Historic Ranch & Retreat Center is surrounded by breath-taking boulders and healing vortexes of energy that offer the perfect atmosphere for an opportunity of spectacular activities for individuals, groups and couples.

Many diplomats and dignitaries, including, President John F. Kennedy, General J. Pershing were among the ranches' distinguished guests. Notable artist, musicians, and writers have been inspired while working at the ranch and have included their impressions of the area in their work

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The Guest Casitas at Arizona's Historic Triangle-T Guest Ranch are original, yet tastefully furnished with your comfort and relaxation in mind. 

Numerous diplomats and dignitaries including President John F. Kennedy, General John J. Pershing, and Dr. Leon T. Silver, a director of NASA (who had his Cal Tech geology students complete their thesis at the ranch each summer) have been among the ranch's distinguished guests. 

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Meals & Special Menus


Choose your freshly prepared meals from the delicious Triangle-T Historic Guest Ranch menu!

Daily group breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be served in the Historic Triangle-T private dining room for Boulders of Life Retreat participants on retreat days, arrival and departure days. 

*Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and specially requested options will be offered.

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